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We’re grateful to have awesome subscribers who love sharing how LOOP has worked for them. Check out their stories. 

LOOP Stories – Rachel Khoo

LOOP Stories – Rachel Khoo

How has LOOP helped you in your business? The periodic newsletter engagement has added value to the recipients and kept the connection between us ongoing. Did you have any doubts when you first started? Yes, wasn't sure what would be the tangible results. How do you...

LOOP Stories – Mike Yuen

LOOP Stories – Mike Yuen

How has LOOP helped you in your business? Loop has helped me to keep in touch with my clients. My clients are regularly reminded that I'm still active in the business. They would reply to my emails or what's app me after the emails are sent out. Did you have any...

LOOP Stories – Melanie Tan

LOOP Stories – Melanie Tan

How has LOOP helped you in your business? As someone who just started her own business, I didn't have any marketing strategy. I needed a way to stay connected with the many people that I met over the years and also with my existing customers. I am surprised that...

LOOP Stories – Ray Weng

LOOP Stories – Ray Weng

How has LOOP helped you in your business? Through Loop, I was able to keep in touch with active clients and reconnect with some that had grown cold through the years. Through the newsletters, I was able to value add to my clients by sharing relevant financial topics....

LOOP Stories – Transform Borders

LOOP Stories – Transform Borders

How has LOOP helped you in your business? Loop has allowed me to keep in touch with my clients via their highly personalized fantastic newsletters even when time doesn't permit me to personally do so. Additionally they have helped with making my company website much...

LOOP Stories – Ramlah Yasin

LOOP Stories – Ramlah Yasin

How has LOOP helped you in your business?  For right now, I receive positive feedback on my newsletters. My contacts say they love reading my newsletters. They feel involved and contact me to catch up. For the August newsletter, we embedded a product and I...

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How it works?

LOOP is a service and platform wrapped in one. This means you get sophisticated marketing hub and the services to help you get the results you want.

Content Management

LOOP is designed to help you streamline your efforts on your newsletter. A 20 min conversation with you is all it takes for the team to design your newsletter.

Data Management

The LOOP backend is secure and GDPR compliant. A perfect place to store your lists and data points. We’ll even take care of your data processes for you.

Community Management

Get relevant by sending specialised content to different groups in your email. Combined with automation and workflows the LOOP team helps you craft highly targeted and data driven campaigns.

Your customers are changing…

The average customer today is hyper-connected. They have access to information at their fingertips and they hate to be sold too.

By 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.

 – Frost & Sullivan.

Your methods should too.

Hence, the biggest challenge is how to connect the dots with the way you constantly communicate, engage and delight customers across multiple channels, formats and device types.

Success lies in creating personalized experiences and delivering them in an authentic manner — spanning marketing, sales and customer service — aimed at resonating deeply with customers so that they feel valued and appreciated.

Email is a perfect starting point to do just that.

Managing Your Newsletters Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Let the LOOP team take care of your newsletters and automations.