LOOP Starter

Email Marketing for Beginners 

Are you in Business Development or Sales?
Are you a Coach or Consultant?

Do you have a business growth strategy that actually works…

If you have just 1 coffee per month with your prospects, clients, friends, family and acquaintances – would you get more business and referrals? 


But not all of us can do 300 meetings in a month, can we? The next best thing is to send a personalised email.

    Why LOOP Starter is awesome!

    • LOOP Starter uses a proven formula, not a recycled design template so no 2 emails will ever be the same
    • Fully online workflow – No physical meetups required
    • Add folks to your newsletter with a handy form and they will get your welcome email instantly
    • Track who opened and click your emails. Call them cos they’re interested!!!
    • LOOP Starter manages your database and sender reputation so your emails reach the inbox, not the SPAM box
    • We write the emails with the points from you

      How LOOP Starter works

      • Complete your LOOP personal profiler form and submit your database for a One time upload
      • LOOP will create your New Subscriber Form for future additions to your database and a Welcome email- Once approved you’re all set 
      • Once a month LOOP will send your questionnaire. Simply answer the questions and LOOP will create your monthly email for you.
        LOOP Stories - Rachel Khoo

        LOOP Stories – Rachel Khoo

        I like that the fairy godmother can read my mind!
        That’s cos she takes the effort to understand my biz direction, clientele and biz philosophy. She is quick to understand and always proposes timely and on-point content for the newsletters.

        LOOP Stories - Mike Yuen

        LOOP Stories – Mike Yuen

        How has LOOP helped you in your business? Loop has helped me to keep in touch with my clients. My clients are regularly reminded that I'm still active in the business. They would reply to my emails or whatsapp me after the emails are sent out. Did you have any doubts...
        LOOP Stories - Melanie Tan

        LOOP Stories – Melanie Tan

        I needed a way to stay connected with the many people that I met over the years and also with my existing customers. I am surprised that people do respond. I am glad I started Loop early in my entrepreneurship days, because the process of writing the emails helped me refine the way I do my business.

        LOOP Stories - Ray Weng

        LOOP Stories – Ray Weng

        Through Loop, I was able to keep in touch with active clients and reconnect with some that had grown cold through the years. Through the newsletters, I was able to value add to my clients by sharing relevant financial topics.

        LOOP Stories – Transform Borders

        I have seen many newsletters/automated emails from various companies which made me doubt the effectiveness of the newsletter.

        Commonly Asked Questions

          Why email? Everyone is on whatsapp…

          Think about the usage of email vs sms, social media or WhatsApp. Where would you prefer to receive a flight itinerary or an order confirmation? Many of use email as an archive to store important information and almost everyone uses email for work. The actual ROI for email is 40X. Which means every dollar we put into email marketing, we get 40 back. The catch is – we’ve got to do it right.

          Is LOOP safe? How is my database protected?

          LOOP is cybersecurity compliant and uses advanced safeguards to protect your data. Users also have their own accounts and all activity on the system is logged for added security. 

          Does sending a newsletter equal to generating leads?

          Although we have some subscribers who see leads come in immediately – most do not. The idea is to stay in touch and keep top of mind with your prospects and clients. Over time, subscribers see an increase in activity, enquiries and referrals.

          How do I measure the ROI of Newsletters?

          Staying in touch and keeping top of mind is the main metric. On the LOOP system, we can keep track of open rates and click rates and other statistics to help determine your ROI. Ideally, we have >more than 20% open rates and more than 3% click rate. 

          Who is the fairy godmother?

          The fairy godmother team takes care of LOOP subscribers and ensures that the emails are well written and have that ‘personal’ touch. This team ensures that the LOOP formula is properly applied. The fairy godmother team also watches the deliverability and statistics of email campaigns and can provide valuable feedback to make LOOP subscribers get better ROI on their emails.

          What's included in LOOP Starter

          Basic Fairy Godmother Services are available with LOOP Starter;

          a) Basic Email creation based on Monthly brief provided by LOOP subscribers.
          b) Emails Scheduling and Send Service

          Managing Your Newsletters Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

          Let the LOOP team take care of your newsletters and automations.